R O L A N D     P E R R I N
Roland Perrin's LANSKY:
The Mob's Money Man (Trailer)
Introduction to Roland Perrin's choral jazz concert drama
based on the life of the notoriously elusive gangster
Meyer Lansky. Scored for Jazz Singer, Choir, B...
Roland Perrin: Before Dawn
A solo piano piece taken from the cd 'Suite Dreams'
by Roland Perrin and The Blue Planet Orchestra.
Roland Perrin: Rio Amazonas, a taster
An introduction to Roland Perrin's 'Rio Amazonas',
a choral symphony.
Roland Perrin:
Echoes of the Shtetl (Promo)
This is the promo for an animated film about the Jews
in the Pale of Settlement at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century.
A shtetl is the old name for a village or small town
in Eastern Europe mostly inhabited by Jews.
Roland Perrin's "Limited Edition"
play 'Lucky Man'
Lucky Man preformed by Roland Perrin's Limited Edition 2009
In This Cage Some Songs Are Born
When Love Was New (with Rachel Sutton)
Manteca (with Williams Cumberbach)
The Promise - Roland Perrin Blue Planet Orchestra
Side-Step - Roland Perrin Blue Planet Orchestra
East St. Louis Toodle-oo - Roland Perrin
Make Belief Rag - Roland Perrin Blue Planet Orchestra
Fairy Tale (featuring Siiloutte) - Roland Perrin Blue Planet Orchestra
El Sol de la Noche (with Salsa Celtica) - Roland Perrin composer
Full Moon - from Roland Perrin Songs from the Cage